Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prosphora – Almoutran

Prosphora – Almoutran




An Offering 

to God

by Phyllis Meshel Onest, M.Div.
Every Orthodox parish must have one or more persons to make prosphora, the bread used in the Liturgy. It could be the priest or a layperson. For those who live a devout Orthodox Christian life, making prosphora is a very special way to serve God and His Holy Church. It is a great privilege and requires a blessing from the priest. This does not mean that a family cannot make prosphora for a special occasion, perhaps in memory of a deceased loved one. This is actually a longtime practice in the Orthodox Church. I am aware of parishes and monasteries in this country that receive 40-50 loaves of prosphora for special feast days! That is astounding to me! I think of this happening in Orthodox Churches in the motherlands but not in America. It appears that among some American Orthodox Christians this pious practice has never died. I know of another parish where the baking of the prosphora rotates among various families, and is listed among the various other tasks for any given Sunday, i.e., Greeters, Coffee Hour Hosts, Prosphora, etc.READ MORE