Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Passion of the Holy, Glorious 

Great-martyr of Christ, Demetrius1

The holy great-martyr Demetrius was born in the city of Salonika and was the son of noble and pious parents. His father was the Military Governor of Salonika and secretly believed in our Lord Jesus Christ and labored for Him. He did not dare, however, to confess the Lord’s most holy name openly, for at that time the impious emperors were tormentors of Christians and had raised up a great persecution against the faithful. Since he feared the threats of the cruel and iniquitous rulers, he hid within himself the pearl of great price, the faith which is in Christ. But in his palace he secretly kept two holy icons, adorned with gold and precious stones, one of our incarnate Saviour and the other of the most holy Theotokos. A lamp always burned before them, and he censed them with incense; and together with his wife, who also believed in Christ, he prayed to the true God, Who dwells in the heavens, to His Only-begotten Son, and to our immaculate Lady. This pious couple was exceedingly merciful to the poor and gave abundant alms to those who asked of them. But they had no children, and this grieved them greatly; therefore, they prayed God fervently that He grant them an....... READ MORE